Nitrogen fixing Micro AlgAe


Developing an organic fertilizer production system using nitrogen fixing Cyanobacteria

Nitrogen-fixing microalgae produce quality organic fertiliser
The Cyanobacteria project’s circular biotechnology – integrated into their AlgaeNite management system – produces high-quality, clean, liquid biofertiliser, maintaining crop yields with zero emissions.

Using Cyanobacteria to Lower Farm Emissions

Fertilizers have been used to enrich the soil that has supported human life for millennia, but not all fertilizers are created equally. Made from organic matter, natural fertilizers gradually feed an extensive network of insects and microbes that in turn make the nutrients available to our crops, while synthetic fertilizers are highly concentrated and quick releasing, bypassing the microbial transformations.

Lior Hessel: London Is the Global Trade Centre of the Word

Lior Hessel, Ag-Tech Entrepreneur, Executive Agriculture Engineer, Technion alumni, M.Sc. in Management from Yew York Polytechnic Engineering University. Has built over 50 tech projects around the world and over 24 hectares of greenhouse factories, with total investments exceeding $40M.

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